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Tits Up Tape

Tangle Tamer Trio!

Tangle Tamer Trio!

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Not only does this include the BESSSSST hair brush you will ever use (the OG Tangle Tamer). It also comes with metal free hair ties - meaning they won't break, snap or pull hair. And our classic metal claw clip - The Mini Mother Clip, it's garunteed to hold pair in place alllll day, and make you or your mini me look put together in seconds.

The Practigal Ultimate Hair Care Kit Includes:

  • 1 Tangle Tamer 
  • 1 Mini Mother Clip
  • 4 Black Best Ever Hairties

P.s. did I mention that this hair brush is probably one of the best things you will buy!

Grab your Tangle Tamer as a part of this disocunted bundle! 

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