Hi, meet our company's founder, Chris, AKA, me who also happens to be the company designer, copywriter, social media manager, accountant, and the one who's in all the pics! I combined my passion for practical stuff, beauty and not breaking the bank, and founded Practigal back in Aug 2021. With little to no guidance, I pursued this brand on my own with a very simple mission statement: practical beauty solutions for women / girls (hense the name).  

We rebranded to Practigal in 2023, before that we were Tits Up Tape, which was NZ's first brand of breast lifting tape! We then wanted to bring out more innovative products that weren't specific to boobies so we dediced to change our name to Practigal! 

I also couldn't do this without my Mum, Lisa - she's the other half of this gig you don't see so much behind the screen.

Although I don't have the traditional background in beauty like some of the big players in this game, I ensure that every product we bring out is something I would personally use. I operate in small batches to avoid being wasteful and truly focus on the quality of each and every product we create.

I post everything bsuiness related on our Practigal Insta page, but all the behind the scenes on our @titsupclosefriends account - come join!!