Boob Tape for Your Wedding Dress?

It’s often the most overlooked area of your wedding dress planning.  What are you going to do with those lady lumps? How much of them do you want to show?  Will the dress you bought support and control them? 

We know so many weddings were put on hold last year which means we have about 100000 weddings to attend over the next two years! If you’re still looking for your gown and not sure how to wear certain wedding dresses without wearing a bra then you’re in the right place! We’ve supported brides (literally)  on their big day and helped them say yes to a dress they never thought they could wear!

At Tits Up, we believe that your bra size shouldn't get in the way of your dream dress. Our boob tape offers unmatched lift and support, and it's sweat-proof too! So you can enjoy your magical day, with your favorite people, in THE dress that you've pictured since you were 10.

Our adhesive breast tape keeps your boobs comfortable supported in place without worrying about straps, or those clear flaps that just don't work and fall off the second you start sweating. 

Whether your dress is a bandeau style with an open or closed back or even corset style, your girls could use a little more support. This is where our bandeau style of taping comes in. Simply tape horizontally along the base of your bust, moving upwards until you've got the support and cleavage you want for your big day. If you need a little lift, use Tits Up tape in a crisscross method to keep your boobs in place and even gift a little lift. If you're still trying out dresses and not sure what you're wearing yet, try our ultimate tit kit It has all three products so your options are endless and you can rock any dress you want! Plus you'll have plenty of extra product to use for those sexy honeymoon outfits.

Sometimes there’s just no better solution than tape to perfectly work with whatever unique neckline challenges your wedding dress has.  Our most important advice when it comes to Tits Up tape is to experiment at home and don’t forget the nipple covers!
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Boob Tape for Your Wedding Dress?
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