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Best Bread Knife Everrrrr

Best Bread Knife Everrrrr

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This cleverly designed bread knife slices through homemade bread or that lovely Farmers Market sourdough beautifully. It is also great for cutting salami, tomatoes and cucumbers too! Right handed knife.

Handle is Bamboo and blade is stainless steel. No need to wash knife, just give it a wipe (do not put in dishwasher!)

  • PERFECTLY CUT YOUR HOMEMADE (or bought - we won't judge) BREAD / SOURDOUGH - like the best cut you'll ever get 
  • Also works well with tomatoes, onions, cheese, potatoes and numerous other everyday foods.

P.s. this totally random addition to the website is from an old business we used to own (long story), anyway they are a fantastic knife and are limited edition 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best bread knife ever

It’s in the name. Brought as a gift for my bread baker friend. She rated it. Said it was great.

Avocado lover

I couldn't quite work out how it was going to be successful but I was so wrong lol It cuts the bread so effortlessly and cleanly. I am truly amazed and it really is the best thing since sliced bread 😊

Narina Sewell
The Real Deal

Honestly the only knife you will ever need for cutting your fresh loaf!
Slices with ease and doesn’t squash your bread!

Lisa Beckett
Best knife!

This knife is so good that I bought a second one for my Mum.