How to Use

1. Test Your Skin 

Cut a small piece of tape and apply a test patch to your boob/chest for 24 hours to ensure your skin does not react. Leave it on 4-6 hours, before peeling off slowly. If irritation or redness occurs after patch testing, discontinue use.

2. Clean & Dry Your Skin

Skin that is not clean and dry will be oily and can prevent the adhesive from sticking properly. Please make sure your skin is free of: 

  • Lotions and oils (including moisturizing soaps and body washes that leave lotion on your skin)
  • Powders, concealers, or any makeup products
  • Perfumes or deodorants
  • Sweat
  • Sunblock 
  • Fresh spray tan

3. Measure & Cut

Cut a strip of boob tape that can reach from the base of your breasts up to the shoulder or collar bone. You will need 2-3 strips per boob and remember larger boobs will need more breast tape to support the heavier load! Under-taping can cause irritation or unappealing shaping

Slowly peeling the liner off the tape making sure it does not touch itself or your hands too much. Remember this is a one-time use product, once the tape has touched something it will not re-stick.

4. Lift & Tape

Use one hand to lift your breast to your desired height and with your other hand, create an ‘anchor’ by applying the breast tape to the base of your boob. Gently but firmly slide your hand over the tape until you get to the base of the nipple.

Once the tape is anchored you can pull the tape up and stick on to your chest taping your breast in place. 

Do not apply too much tension on the tape when pulling up. Too much tension on the tape can cause the tape to pull too much on the skin causing irritation.

Smooth any wrinkles and remember once has touched the skin it will not re-stick.

5. Activate & Trim

Activate the tape by rubbing the boob tape adhesive and carefully trim any excess. Make sure not to lift off the tape too much as you will not be able to re-stick it to your skin!


  1. Rub coconut oil into the breast tape until it is fully saturated. Let the tape soak in the oil for 15 minutes. This will help breakdown and loosen the adhesive. 
  2. Rub the edges of the tape and slowly pull up a small corner at the base of your boobs
  3. Brace your boob, just above the corner of the tape you lifted. Use the other hand to pull the tape against itself (Do not pull perpendicular to your skin or at a 90-degree angle as this can cause irritation or injury.
  4. Remove the tape slowly, rubbing more oil under the tape as needed. Do not rip the tape off