DIY Lash Kit FAQ

Will you sell just lashes, like what happens when I run out of these?
Yahhhhh of course. Right now, June 20, 2024, we’re (there's actually no we, just me, Chris) sorting packaging, but I haven't chosen the lashes yet because I want to know what you actually want to stick on your face. 

Yea cool, but, instructions?
Here - they come with a printed card (we printed it too small, of course), but don’t worry, you can still read it, and the video is better anyway imo (I have a teaching background remember, so please be my student for 10 mins).

What else do I need?

Like Mum packs your school lunch, I’ve pretty much done that for you. In your lil (homemade, packed by me) lash care kit, you’ll get ear cotton buds, mini scissors, alcohol wipes, and a lash brush. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am. And please, don’t eat the scissors; you probably will die.

Oh and micellar water is really good to clean your lashes with - with and with fake lashes on. In fact you should probably just use it on your whole face, I don't actually 'cleanse' (as in use face wash) my face... and have you seen my skin... it glowwwws (and hardly ever gets pimples)

I have kinda lied to you (sorry)

On the box, it says they last up to 10 days, which is true, but if I am being 100% honest with you... they get kinda manky if you leave them on that long. I did weaken the glue slightly from the first formula because I DO NOT want to pull out your natural lashes, but the box was already printed, so that’s why it says 10. In all honesty, I leave mine on for 5 days, take them off, clean my natural lashes (you can reuse the lashes if you want), and then put them back on. All without pulling my natural lashes. I really do not want you to have dirty or bald lashes that is why I am telling you this, OKKKKK? ❤️

Ok love ya - any questions, ask me on insta or email me


Chris ❤️