How to use Boob Tape like a Pro!

How to use Boob Tape like a Pro!

If it your first time using our Tits Up boob tape, we totally get that may be a little tricky to apply, as the says goes - practice makes perfect! By having a practice run first of your breast taping before the day of your event is never a bad idea!  You may even discover which taping technique works best for you and your outfit.  

In this boob tape problem blog post, we will explain the common boob tape problems that women face when applying breast lifting tape with their outfits. 

Cutting your boob tape to short:

Although our breast lift tape is super stretchy, keep in mind it can only be stretched so far before it starts to pull your skin uncomfortably. Not to mention it also welcomes in that unflattering look of 'squished boobs'. To avoid this common boob tape mistake, ensure you cut the boob tape long enough to hold and lift your breasts. For smaller busted girls (A & B cup), we recommend cutting at least 7cm for each strip of boob tape. For larger busted girls (C cup and above), we recommend using at least 12cm for each strip of boob tape.

Boob tape being too loose: 

The opposite to the above - this normally occurs when the boob tape length is cut too long. Essentially this doesn't give support your bosoms with the desired lifted look you are after leading to a 'flop' of a night (excuse the pun)! Ensure the tape is applied securely and comfortably tight before you head on out the door. 

Ripping off the boob tape:

A common question we get asked is if it is painful to remove boob tape, the simple answer is no when removed correctly. DO NOT rip off the breast lifting tape as that can lead to scarring and redness. We recommend applying coconut oil and letting it soak into the tape for a few minutes before peeling it off. Another method is to shower with the boob tape on, allowing the water to soak through the tape. Once it is soaked with water, hold your skin down with one hand and pull the tape downwards. 

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How to use Boob Tape like a Pro!
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