#1 Secret to Wearing Scarf Tops... Shhhhh 🤫 Boob Tape!

Secrets out: Tits Up boob tape is THE trick to how the 'it girls' are wearing the trending scarf tops. You know the ones we constantly see on Tik Tok & Instagram in the warmer months & summer days!

If your anything like me your must be think HOWWW are they holding thier boobs up?! Why are they not sagging, bouncing, lop sided and just all over the show?

Since these silk scarf tops are completely DIY but without the right coverage (aka Tits Up boob tape), your tatas may be exposed. 

See below for some pics for how to use boob tape with your silk scarf top!

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#1 Secret to Wearing Scarf Tops... Shhhhh 🤫 Boob Tape!
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