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Towel Dress

Towel Dress

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Gal, Practigals towel dress has your back... and your front! Whether you're a bathroom diva or just love a touch of luxury, this Towel Dress is here to make your post-shower routine a whole lot more fabulous

  •  No more post shower nip slips
  • Elasticated with adjustable dome closures
  • Size 70cm x 140cm
  • 100% Cotton (super soft)

The Practigal hair wrap is perfect for fresh out of the shower wet hair, this 100% cotton towel wrap makes it simple to keep your hair neat and out of your face, it features has a button feature to keep everything nice and secure.

This product represents Practigal to a tee "where pretty meets practical" and in terms of the Towel Dress we can sum it up as the perfect blend of functionality meets (towel) fashion.

P.s. as can been seen in the images, no budget has been acquired yet for a professional model and/or photographer 😂😂

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
After surgery recover

I got this in desperation after my shoulder surgery. The bottom line - the snaps on this one are excellent and easy to use (even with one arm). - No issues with washing (no velcro!). Warm, dry and makes it easy to get around with limited use of your upper body.

Thanks Practigal

After surgery, I needed to wear a towel around me for privacy, and this towel fits perfect and does not disappoint

Perfect for getting ready in

It's soft, absorbent and fits perfectly. I don't like to dress until I'm completely dry. I can wrap myself in this towel and sit and do my make -up. Love it and the snaps keep the towel in place as you wear it.


Great quality fabric, washes well. Multiple uses after shower, after swim, putting on make up, so handy to pop on after a shower while i am getting ready to go out

Great fit and comfortable

fits great and i love the added snaps for closure. great quality towel and love the head piece as well