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Tits Up Tape

Party Hats On

Party Hats On

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Look excuse the terrible name - its 6.51pm and I have 9 minutes to sort this  for a 7pm launch and its the best that this old girl can come up with at such short notice (she definitley didn't have all week to sort it... Ok clearly lying). 

  • Bad hair day? Put your party hat on
  • Hiding from people you don't want to talk to? Party hat on (and look down and also maybe add suglasses)
  • Don't want wrinkles from the sun? Party hat on asap

Honestly, it's the perfect practical summer hat, and you will look hot in it. Enough said. So.. Put your party hat on.. (omg that name is so terrible, but its now 6.55pm soooo this is as good as it gets)

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