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Tits Up Tape

Olivia Twist Huggies

Olivia Twist Huggies

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I was trying to think of a name of someone who I think a little twisted to name these after, but that was a bit mean. So meet Oliver Twists sister - Olivia Twist. Cute silver twisty huggies

Stainless steel

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What Makes it 'Soooo Amazing'?

The secret lies in the bristle structure and brush body shape. After many months of testing, the Tangle Tamer was born: a brush with a mix of natural boar bristles combined with the perfect length and thickness of nylon pins. This is topped off with hand-placed micro tips which make the brush feel soft to the touch on even the most sensitive of heads. The curved paddle minimises hair breakage separating knots and detangling hair without pulling it.